Accountants and CPA Firms

Accountants and CPA Firms

We Have Over 50 Years of experience serving your needs

Growing Your Practice with Financial Services

The TFA Group has been successfully working with accountants & CPA Firms for over 50 Years.  William Feigenbaum rented an Office in the 1970’s from a successful accountant, and this has developed into a specialty niche for our company.  Our focus on the trusted CPA/accountant, and the unique needs of High net worth and business owner clients is paramount.

We provide CPA and accounting firms with independent solutions for their clients.  This will increase your value, and strengthens this vital relationship.  Today’s business owner and high net worth individual wants comprehensive, objective advice.  We offer one-stop services, experienced planning advice and aggressive underwriting solutions.

Funding a buy-sell plan, designing discriminatory key employee retention and benefit plans is our specialty.  There are flexible options for how to use our services so please contact our office to schedule an opportunity to learn more about our complimentary insurance services.